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Top Favorite Wedding Invitation Trends of 2017

I was one those girls, I googled wedding invitations before I even had the ring. Zola.com recently surveyed more than 1,000 newlyweds and brides-to-be on pre-engagement and 25 percent of respondents said they shopped around for wedding invitations before they even had a ring. Now that's funny. You know, you did it too. Admit it. But hey, here's to more popular designs for the savy millennials.

From foiled metallics to greenery, you can expect to see some of these popular trends in elegant Etsy Shops or registry lists this upcoming year.


I'll start with one of the most popular trends for wedding season, greenery, also Pantones color of the year. Greenery wedding invitations is a hot trend for 2017 weddings. Lush flora and gorgeous shades of green palms & leafy flowers adorn a greenery wedding invitation collection. Keep it simple and go with a simple leafy design element, like palms.

Typographic Designs

Here comes the fav of my favs & the most affordable, Calligraphy type font. All of your wedding information can appear in a simple modern or Calligraphy font type. An elegant, stylish look for your wedding.


A watercolor wedding invitation set with elegant deep mauves, blush flowers and shades of green showcases contemporary fonts.

Boho Chic

A Bohemian wedding invitation with a dreamcatcher and elegant deep plum, blush arrow and light green showcases an elegant script font. Add a boho style vector element to create that true Bohemian look, like a dream catcher or arrow leaf.


Create a modern simple wedding invitation suite with a clean uniform design. A luxe look that perfectly balances the minimalist aesthetic and feminine color palette.

Giant Floral

A giant floral, soft, elegant navy and blush wedding invitation, featuring blush and off-white and roses and chic typography font compliments the bride-to-be style.

Lace Rustic

A rustic wedding invitation design, featuring lace doily and chic handwriting style. Perfect for a soft elegant wedding!

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