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Celebrate NYE 2021 safe with family & friends with a Nochevieja fiesta

New Years will absolutely look different this year, but you can still have a great time by celebrating with Nochevieja fiesta. First, to say goodbye to the end of this year, Spanish families get together for a holiday meal where they gather around the tv for the big countdown with family. Second part of the Nochevieja celebration is the champagne. Toast to everybody you're with. Thirdly, and the most important item, is the twelve grapes. As midnight strikes, family members pop twelve grapes one at a time in their mouth. If you are able to fill twelve grapes in your mouth, you will have a prosperous and lucky year. Imagine how entertaining it is to see your family laughing & filling their mouths full of grapes.

What do to on NYE?

Pop bottles of champagne. Whether it's the Holy Grail of Champagne, a bubbly rosé, Dom Perignon or Welch's Sparkling Red Grape Juice for the kiddos, these are definite Bottles of bubbly worth popping open.

Eat grapes. In Mexico & Spain, it’s a tradition to eat 12 grapes at the peak of midnight to symbolize good luck in the coming year. Pair your grapes with some champagne.

Get an NYE party kit. Stock up on confetti poppers to throw at midnight. Wear NYE hats & beads.

Kiss. Give smooches to your immediate family & blow kisses to your online guests.

Watch the ball drop. Turn on the local news channel from your city & enjoy!

Send out digital invitations & throw an online dinner party

Before your countdown, make sure you send out an NYE invite to an online party. Start a new tradition & include your family & friends

Reflect on 2020. This year was incredibly challenging for every human in the world. Take time to reflect. Set new goals. Create a list of to-dos for yourself & your family.

Watch a movie. View your favorite movie with the family.

Celebrate in your pjs. Dress in your favorite pajamas with the kiddos.